Youth Fitness & Athletic Development Program

Who is this for?

With new demands for training growing everyday Pinnacle Performance & Training will be starting a new Youth Training Program, to help encourage children about the importance of play, fun and their understanding of the movement of the body. They will be educated in warm ups, cool downs, flexibility and much more.

The Benefits of this program

To enhance muscular strength, motor skill performance, bone strength and reduce the chance if injury which in turn will promote sound health habits. Furthermore, this program will promote a positive outlook for children through adolescence and into adulthood.

Training Method and Application

Years 4 to 9 Movement Foundations and Guided Discovery – Years 10 to 13 Learning Exploration – Years 14+ Training with Application.

Age Range: 4-9 Years old

Location: Wellstead School Hall, 40 Wellstead Way, Southampton, Hampshire SO30 2LE

Time: Every Thursday from 4.50pm till 5.40pm

Cost: £24 per block booking of 4 sessions

Benefits of this Program

  • Increased

    muscular strength and power

  • Increased

    muscular and cardiovascular endurance

  • Increased

    bone mineral density

  • Improved

    body composition

  • Improved

    insulin sensitivity

  • Reduced rate

    of sport related injuries

  • Enhanced

    sport performance

  • Positive outlook

    on exercise, health and nutrition