andrew mcghee strength and running coach

Andy McGhee

Philosophy and Background

I’m the founder and owner of Pinnacle Performance. Having spent 14 years in the British Army, I’ve worked and trained in places far and wide. I’m 100% dedicated to each members needs and enjoy the challenge of helping them achieving their goals and targets using not only an evidence-based but also a holistic approach to training.


  • Masters Dip in Personal Training
  • UKSCA L1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Running Technique (Premier Training International)
  • VDOT Certified Distance Running Coach
  • Leadership in Running Fitness
  • Advanced Nutrition for Physical Performance & Weight Management
  • Intermediate Optimising Fitness for Paddlesport Tutor
  • Management of lower back pain trainer
  • Special Populations including Diabetes, Obesity, asthma and orthopaedic conditions
  • CRB Checked ( Multiple Locations )
  • Sports Safeguarding & Protecting Children
  • Level 3 Coach (Inland Kayak) 5 Star Trained 3 Star Assessor
  • CRB DBS Cleared (Multiple Locations)


Owner and Founder of Pinnacle Performance. Founded in 2011. Mission to provide an elite, industry-leading health & fitness/strength & conditioning coaching and consultancy service.

Andy has aspirations of becoming a speaker to help businesses, educate and motivate with his experiences of his time in the British Army, Owning a successful business and completing almost unachievable endurance challenges.

Recent Challenge and one of his greatest achievements so far are running and riding 10 back to back Ultra Duathlons from Morocco to Southampton in just 10 days, that’s a 100mile bike ride and a marathon every day.

Le Tour Du Cash for Kids 10 Duathlons 10 Days 2040km, Run 22km – Ride 160km – Run 22km every day.

Previously he run a sub-3-hour marathon which was achieved in Bournemouth wearing only sandals as footwear. The year prior he ran 7 marathons in 7 days barefoot-style around Hampshire.

During these feats and as well as bolt-on events Andy has raised tens of thousands of pounds in doing so!

Andy works as a professional coach at Pinnacle Performance in Hamble a 5000sqft gym that provides coaching to all levels from Olympians, Aspiring Athletes, Youth Athletes and people that want to make a full-time commitment to long-term health.

He works with an incredible team who have years of experience in the industry. Andy works tirelessly on his business delivering strength training and running programmes.

A certified VDOT distance running coach Andy is also a Team GB Age Group Duathlete who is dedicated to his sport and the runners he coaches.

Currently, he’s training towards 2 World Championships and 2 European Championships in 2020. Going forward he’s got big plans for a challenge of a lifetime in 2021.

Athletes I currently work with or have done in the past:  Louis Sinclair (Oracle Team USA), Simon Fisher, Justin Slattery (Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing Team), Robert Greenhalgh (Mapfre Ocean Racing Team), Peter Greenhalgh (The Wave Extreme Sailing Series), Hannah Diamond (Crew – Nacra 17 Olympic Class – Volvo Ocean Race – Vestas), Andrew Tarboton (Crew – 49er SA), David Bartholomew (Tokoloshe), Alexandrea Rickham and Niki Birrell (Scud Olympic Class), Kees Postman (Clipper), Joanne Hamilton-Vale (Sup). This ongoing and exciting……..

What I get up to:

In 2015 myself and 3 other friends raised £9700 for the Paediatric High Dependency Unit, Southampton General Hospital. We ran 7 marathons in 7 days around various location in Hampshire and Surrey, barefoot! The challenge finished on the 27th Sept of that year completing over 275km. Challenge Website

In 2016 I working on breaking my personal best in the marathon which currently stands at 2hrs 59min, this was achieved at the Bournemouth marathon festival last year (2016) in Luna Sandals. Whilst achieving this milestone which was to be my first attempt at a marathon in flip flops, I have now gone on to break personal records in the 5k, 10k and a half marathon.

2017 was a year of transition due to a few injuries which kept me from running, no problem I’ll start cycling then! Wow, i absolutely loved it and once I was able to run again I mixed the two and soon came the Duathlons… Later that year I positioned high and qualified to represent GB Age Group Team!

2018 has been an incredible year. In March I entered my first Duathlon and came 3rd overall and second in my age group, which enabled me to register my intent to qualify for the European Middle Distance Championships in Vejle Denmark as a Team GB Age Group Athlete. I did and I went on to compete and I came 8th in my age cat and 1st GB in age group, so I have now subsequently qualified for this year’s Long Distance World Championships in Zofingen, Switzerland coming 14th in the World in my Cat, the story continues…

daniel smith strength & conditioning coach

Daniel Smith

Philosophy and Background

I believe exercise to be a form of medicine, whereby an optimal dose is required in order to maximise the response and it’s effects on the body. My methods allow for better results in less training time, freeing up more time for clients to enjoy their improved health, fitness and appearance doing other things. As a coach, I utilize my education in sport & exercise science to deliver evidence-based programs that are individually designed to help clients understand their personal goals, whilst ensuring success in attaining these goals and far beyond.


  • BSc (Hons) Applied Sport & Exercise Science Degree
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S – National Strength & Conditioning Association)
  • The Register of Exercise Professional (REPs) Level 3 Certification
  • UK Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA) Level 2 Certification: Weightlifting for Sports Performance, Plyometrics, Speed & Agility, Development, Planning Effective Programmes
  • Sports Massage Therapy Certification


I have worked with a variety of individuals from numerous training backgrounds and lifestyles with varying levels of experience, ranging from professional athletes to first time trainees. I’ve previously worked as a sport scientist for the professional football team, Reading FC. My areas of expertise include but are not limited to: optimising body composition, muscular development, strength and power enhancement, injury pre-habilitation, flexibility improvement and cardiovascular health. I provide a comprehensive service in terms of the initial consultation and assessment, followed by intricate programming and regular correspondence, which in turn increases compliance with your training, producing quick results and progress towards achieving your goals.

jamie Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jamie Gabbidon

Philosophy and Background

I view strength and conditioning as something for everyone, and will strive to find the right balance and formulas to ensure the client is continually progressing, while enjoying their training experience at the same time. I am able to achieve this with my background and experience in a variety of different sports and training methods. I will ensure I am helping clients find the right goals to work towards in conjunction with the appropriate exercise and nutrition guidelines, while also providing an input into what I feel they have the potential to achieve. I feel it is important that clients remain realistic with their expectations and continue to make steps forward as this is what will ultimately get them to where they want to be, and more importantly keep them there. I have an open mind to all the information out there in terms of exercise and nutrition and will research and experiment with what I find to ensure I am giving clients the correct feedback and guidance.


  • B.A (Hons) Degree in Sport and Fitness Management
  • The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) Level 3 Certification in Personal Training


On a personal level I have competed and won medals at a County standard as a 100m sprinter, while developing a greater understanding of Strength and Conditioning to take my performance to a progressive higher level. My experience has given me confidence and a greater understanding how to attain better results in a multitude of areas including body composition, strength training, flexibility and mobility, pre and rehabilitation and effective planning in peaking for major competition. I have been fortunate enough to train people in numerous sports including Running, Football, Rugby, Golf, Triathlon, Sailing and Strongman / Woman. Those experiences have enabled me to become more efficient in my planning for clients and enable them to achieve their objectives quicker.

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Michael Hatch

Philosophy and Background

I believe in a holistic approach to strength and conditioning using a simple meaning of coaching the client into wholeness through intelligent movement and natural means. My methods of coaching are very methodical and individualise tailored for your goals and needs. Whether it being strong as an ox, fast as a cheater, looking like a Greek god or improving your posture I am here to help you in your journey in health and well being. And remember this, exercise is the drug of choice.


CHEK exercise coach
CHEK holistic lifestyle coach level 1
CHEK Scientific back training
CHEK Scientific core training
CHEK medicine ball training
CHEK advances Swissball for rehabilitation
Level 3 personal trainer


I have always enjoyed competing in various sports like football rugby cricket in my youth, and learning new ways of training myself and clients. Currently, I aim ing to strong as I can be at a current bodyweight in the main lifts. Throughout my career, I have helped many clients with their sports like cycling, basketball, boxing and running as well help clients get out of back pain, improve their posture, weight loss and general fitness level.
 Most recent I love working with our brave men and women in navy, army, health service and police forces using methods of training that have learnt through course, reading, lecture and practising in my own training, to help them be better in the field of expertise.
joy Personal Trainer

Joy Fitzgerald

Philosophy and Background

I believe that through hard work and the proper application of exercise techniques, anyone can achieve the goals they want, whether that is injury rehabilitation, sports participation or simply a better physique.
I have a background in Sports Therapy, working within the super yacht industry for a number of years and gaining many high profile clientele.
I have a specific interest in strength training and Olympic Weightlifting and look to inspire more women in the benefits of a strong healthy body. Banishing stigma of weight training making women look like body builders!


  • Masters Diploma in Personal Training –  Level 3
  • HND Sports Therapy
  • Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3 Certification
  • Sports Massage Certification


  • British Weightlifting – Level 1 award in coaching weightlifting
  • British Weightlifting- Level 2 award in coaching weightlifting
  • UKSCA Accredited Strength & Conditioning coach


I am a keen athlete myself, Sailing competitively inshore and offshore from a young age. I have competed in three Maxi Transatlantic races and iconic offshore races such as the Fastnet Race and Caribbean 600. I use my practical knowledge of the sport in order to optimize training for my sailing specific clients.


Tom Stanley

Philosophy and Background

Injury is a part of every individuals life; from the sedentary to high level athletes. However, recovery from injury differs with everyone. I take a human based approach to achieve the best results for all individuals whilst hoping to restore pre-injury function levels as efficiently as possible. Having an understanding of both pain psychology and the most up to date research surrounding injury treatment & rehabilitation to provide the best possible care.
I am able to help with any aches and pains you have providing full injury assessments as well as Sports and Remedial Massage and Myofascial Release.
I have a particular interest in back pain.


  • BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy.
  • MSc Physiotherapy (ongoing).


Sport has shaped my life for as long as I can remember, with rowing in particular becoming a huge part of my life for the past 8 years. I have rowed from regional level up to national regattas, experiencing success on along the way. I am still rowing at a high level, something which I hope to do so for years to come.

I have gained hands on experience in several private clinical settings as well as experience shadowing NHS Physiotherapists.
I am currently aiming to further my knowledge and abilities by completing a Masters in Physiotherapy at the University of Southampton.

Emma Drackford

NBE Nutrition Coaching – Emma

Philosophy and Background

With so much information on the internet and social media, people often become confused and overwhelmed about what they should be eating. I believe in taking a sensible and flexible approach to nutrition, ensuring my clients achieve and sustain the results that they want.

My key goal is to take the confusion away and help my clients eat in a way that fits their lifestyle, whilst achieving their goals.

I’m passionate about empowering people to make healthy choices, whilst giving them the knowledge to be able eat the foods they enjoy without derailing their progress.


  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate
  • Diploma in Exercise Science and Performance Nutrition, Guru Performance Institute (on-going)


I work with a variety of clients across the UK, in Dubai and in New York – from people who want to lose weight and feel better about themselves, to athletes wanting to optimise their performance or make weight for a competition. All of them have one fundamental similarity – the need to be able to fit their nutrition in with their busy lifestyles.

As a competing powerlifter and ex physique competitor, I know the importance of eating food that helps you to feel, look and perform at your best, whilst also managing your weight. But importantly, I believe in having a healthy relationship with food and being able to have a social life. My tailored approach has enabled my clients to make continuous progress towards their goals, and I will always strive to find the best approach to help each person.


Harry Cook

Philosophy and Background

I believe Strength and Conditioning should be seen as being something that is a permanent part of everybody’s daily schedule no matter their current fitness or sporting background, in order to not only develop physical health but also aid massively in improving mental health, something that is overlooked in todays society. One way in achieving this is by providing in-depth, individualised programmes that can push people to and way beyond their own goals.


  • BSc (Hons) Applied Sports Science (Ongoing)
  • Level 1 Fitness Instructing


Sport has been a huge part of my life ever since I started school and has become a massive passion of mine. Football in particular became a hobby that ended up taking huge proportions of my life eventually playing at a respectable standard in the South Coasts Wessex League.

I have been involved with Pinnacle since the summer of 2016 where I took part in my work experience here and instantly gained a huge passion in Strength & Conditioning. I then started working for Pinnacle in 2018 when they opened the new state of the art gym facility. In the short time being here I have been learning and developing my understanding of the industry, gaining experience in coaching clients from a variety of backgrounds ranging from young college clients with no previous sporting background to athletes competing at a very high standard of sailing.


Grant Cartin

Philosophy and Background

My approach to fitness training is it should leave you feeling built up, not broken down. When done properly exercise has the power to do so much more than just change the way you look, it should also change the way you feel and empower you to feel free to live your best life.

After over 18 years in this industry I still find my motivation from seeing the affect that this has on my clients. Most people come to me unaware of just how much potential they have ready to be unlocked. Every time I see a renewed sparkle in the eye and spring in the step of those I work with is a reward that continually inspires me to be the best at what I do.

When it comes to sporting achievements, in my life and the life of my clients, there are plenty to mention, but for me this is not the part I am most proud of. For me, the greatest accomplishments are small personal moments with my clients, no medals, no finish lines, just small moments. Somewhere in amongst the reps and sets when people look up and realise something that once seemed impossible has now become possible, that the body they live in has changed and will never be the same again. It’s hard to put into words the look on a persons face when this happens, it’s just one of those moments you have to experience for yourself.


  • Diploma in Sports Therapy

  • Diploma in Personal Training

  • Optimum & Sports Nutrition

  • Sports Massage Therapist

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor – YTTC Accredited

  • Mobility Specialist – Functional Range Conditioning

  • Fitness Movement Specialist – Level 2


I have dedicated over 20 years of my life to personal practice and private study, travelling the globe multiple times over to research and learn from the best in numerous disciplines including Holistic Lifestyle Caching, Martial Arts, Yoga, Bodybuilding, Gymnastics and various competitive fitness events.

Since beginning my career in 2003 I have accumulated over 10,000 hours of private and group training experience, working with clients at every level of athleticism: from elite, competitive athletes to complete beginners, the elderly, injured and disabled.

I have been fortunate to travel far and wide providing private training to wealthy CEO’s and their families in Dubai, studied Holistic exercise and lifestyle training in the clinical environment of one of the worlds foremost experts, and run fitness camps on beaches everywhere from Thailand to Mexico.