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Personal Training Southampton

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Personal training is often seen as an expensive and unaffordable luxury. It is simply not true! At Pinnacle Performance, we have made it our mission to make personal training in Southampton accessible for everyone, irrespective of your training level or financial status.

Which is why we have developed our affordable Group Training package (1 – 3 people per coach). It is proven that training in an environment alongside others with similar health and fitness goals, can not only increase motivation but is also great fun too!

We not only guarantee that we’re able to provide the same level of service as a traditional 1-1 format, we actually think you will prefer it!

Our coaches will push you beyond your wildest dreams and introduce you to a whole new world of exercise. Through their unique and proven training methods, they will ensure you’ll achieve better results in less time. With our personal training packages, you will truly reach the Pinnacle of your Performance.

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Our Mission: Pinnacle Performance

Whether you are looking for a complete body transformation, an athlete trying to improve performance or a beginner wanting some professional guidance – Pinnacle Performance Personal Training is here to help!

Depending on whether you would prefer to train 1-1 or in a group setting, our personal training services are flexible to suit your needs.  Our comprehensive assessment, personalised programme design and coaching techniques are unparalleled, ensuring you will achieve your goals and beyond. Therefore if you trust in our methods, we will guarantee you results!