Jamie Gabbidon

Personal Trainer

My Philosophy and Background

I view strength and conditioning as something for everyone, and will strive to find the right balance and formulas to ensure the client is continually progressing, while enjoying their training experience at the same time. I am able to achieve this with my background and experience in a variety of different sports and training methods. I will ensure I am helping clients find the right goals to work towards in conjunction with the appropriate exercise and nutrition guidelines, while also providing an input into what I feel they have the potential to achieve. I feel it is important that clients remain realistic with their expectations and continue to make steps forward as this is what will ultimately get them to where they want to be, and more importantly keep them there. I have an open mind to all the information out there in terms of exercise and nutrition and will research and experiment with what I find to ensure I am giving clients the correct feedback and guidance.


B.A (Hons) Degree in Sport and Fitness Management
The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) Level 3 Certification in Personal Training

Experience and Specialisation Areas

On a personal level I have competed and won medals at a County standard as a 100m sprinter, while developing a greater understanding of Strength and Conditioning to take my performance to a progressive higher level. My experience has given me confidence and a greater understanding how to attain better results in a multitude of areas including body composition, strength training, flexibility and mobility, pre and rehabilitation and effective planning in peaking for major competition. I have been fortunate enough to train people in numerous sports including Running, Football, Rugby, Golf, Triathlon, Sailing and Strongman / Woman. Those experiences have enabled me to become more efficient in my planning for clients and enable them to achieve their objectives quicker.