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Our Boot Camp has been designed to focus on one thing – getting results. If you follow the system we have outlined, you’ll see nothing but progress.

This is nothing like the popularised militant style approach you often see, and it’s definitely not the current “night club” trend that you’ll find in commercial gyms.

Although these may or may not sound enjoyable, and they may make you sweat and burn some calories, it does not make them effective.

Our approach is focused, structured, progressive, and enjoyable. But the real enjoyment comes from the results that you will achieve.

Every boot camp runs as a 6 week course, training 3 times per week, this will not be a class that you can just drop into. After the 6 weeks, the next boot camp starts.

Unlike a typical class and most boot camps, there will be a clear structure and progression from week to week.
During the first week you will have access to our InBody scanner to have your stats measured so you can assess your starting point. You will then re-measure at the end of the 6 week course to assess your progress.
You will also be provided a nutrition booklet with weekly meal plans to follow for the whole 6 weeks.
If every aspect of the course is followed, you will be amazed at what you can achieve in this short time frame!
All sessions will take place in our 5000 sq.ft facility at Hamble Point Marina, Southampton.
All we require is that each person is able to attend and dedicate just 3 hours a week (out of a possible 168 hours!) for the whole 6 week course.
The boot camp sessions are as follows: Monday 8 pm, Thursday 8 pm & Saturday 8 am.
How much is it?
For the whole 6 week course, our introductory offer is £199. For all those interested or would like further details, continue to message us via social media or via e-mail:
Boot Camp

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