Testimonial by Georgie Bartholomew

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Testimonial by Georgie Bartholomew

Testimonial by Georgie Bartholomew

photo-3At the end of Nov 2013 I decided that I needed to lose inches, get fit and needed some guidance, enthusiasm, motivation and an expert programme specifically designed for me!  I decided to work with Andy @ Pinnacle, and start the road to feeling better in myself.  I set Andy & myself a target to lose inches and improve general fitness over a set time of 5.5 weeks before going to South Africa for 1 month.  Little did I know at this stage the changes that would take place for the better and for the future?  This training programme has become one of the most enjoyable addictions!  Being ultra-competitive in my sports, I had to achieve and be good at every task thrown at me!

Before Christmas I was given the NO BAD CARB nutrition plan, which was a massive change for someone who had a lovely Deli baguette or Panini every day!  At NO STAGE whatsoever was I forced to diet or stop drinking wine!  The latter (wine) didn’t stop before Christmas!  Then over the 5.5 weeks I was given various Resistance & Strength training programmes set to my standard & capability – allowing me to learn so much about the ‘exercise’ I can do inside & outside … it is amazing what you can do with 2 tennis balls, a chair and 2 James Patterson hard back books!!!!

In short, before setting off to SA for Christmas & New Year, I lost 2 kilos in 5.5 weeks, which was great!

The motivation, knowledge & enthusiasm from Andy totally encouraged me to keep on going with training & fitness.  So each day whilst in SA – we would do my Pinnacle sprint programme on the beach, which was awesome.  It was hard at high tide as the sand was soft, but mostly we managed low tide, hard sand running + warmth + sweat!  I was quite surprised how much I wanted to exercise each morning, but it felt great and created so much energy for the rest of the hectic day sunbathing and swimming!!!

Before going to SA I made sure that I had booked Andy/Pinnacle for another block of sessions from Jan 2014, because now that I am totally addicted & more importantly, enjoying these exercise programmes. I still have weight to lose, muscle to define and fitness to learn!

On arriving back from SA – we took my ‘stats’ again and compared weight, blood pressure and heart rate to when we first began in Nov.  Weight still good & kept same (after a good holiday of drinking!), Blood Pressure completely reduced from 148/96 to 106/83 and resting active heart rate reduced by 11 beats per minute ….. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

I now have new programmes to work on for the next 12 weeks, and am really excited by what can be achieved.  Surprisingly, I have now cut down my drinking to 1 night per week, which for me, is a real achievement.  Plus, I have loved learning to cook with good carbs, and only sometimes get serious food-envy of my husbands’ lunches & suppers.

What I have learnt from Andy/Pinnacle is that just randomly trying to run 3-5k every other day (which I seriously didn’t enjoy) wasn’t good for me personally/my physique.  Andy created different programmes, good food programmes and targets designed specifically within my capability and the difference is AMAZING!!  I have much more energy during the working day, I enjoy training, I look forward to our sessions and by being so competitive I have to just keep on achieving, creating good results.

Pinnacle’s knowledge is exceptional in every area, and without knowing it, they motivate you to exercise lots whilst balancing all areas of the body.  Their enthusiasm, expertise, professionalism outweighs anything I have ever known before.  BRING IT ON!!  Woo Hooooo La la la – I Can’t wait for the next set of results in 12 weeks!

One of things I like most about the Pinnacle/Andy ethic is that the ‘discipline’ is down ourselves.  There is never any pressure put on you, it is purely your own choice to do the programmes.  With me, being such a perfectionist, I want to do the programmes because it would be noticeable if I didn’t and also there is nothing to gain by not doing the programmes.  I want to feel more energetic, happier, fitter and less chubby …. And I do … I am now grumpy if I don’t exercise!!  What a difference!