Nutrition Advice

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Nutrition Advice

Nutrition Advice

Most weight management or weight loss plans today have one thing in common: they don’t work! They don’t work because they were not designed for your body. Your nutritional requirements are as unique as you and should be designed around your specific nutritional, metabolic needs. I provide detailed, common-sense health coaching plans tailored specifically for your body and your lifestyle.

Nutrition is an area that a lot of people struggle with. We hear about fad diets starting and fading away just as quickly. This is because they are quick fixes. This might sound good at the time but realistically we want a diet we can maintain for life.

Pinnacle Performance and Training listens to you, your likes, your dislikes and allergies. Using this information we can aid you to a greater diet whether you want to lose, build or maintain your weight. Food & Mood diaries are a great place to start. It gives an indication of where you are now in your diet and it also helps you keep track on your progression.

You can get nutrition advice through nutrition sessions, personal training or communication via email. This is a great way for people who work a lot or travel to keep track on their diet and nutrition intake.

I am qualified in advanced nutrition for weight management and sports performance, based in Southampton. I will travel to Southampton, Eastleigh, Fareham and Winchester areas.

Here is a bit of nutrition advice to start you off:

  • Try to drink 2 litres of water a day to keep hydrated. Don’t have it all in one go, spread it throughout the day. Don”t mistake hunger with thirst.
  • Have a balanced diet. Let yourself have treats but just keep them in moderation.
  • Have a variety of colours. Vegetables, meat, try to mix and match your foods.
  • Eat regularly. Every 4 hours is a good benchmark to start with. Little and often with a protein, fat and carbohydrate source in most of your meals.
  • Listen to your body. If you do not feel good after an hour of eating a food, it probably isn’t doing you any good. For example white bread can lead to bloating.
  • Avoid foods containing added sugar; manufactures may try to hide this, read the ingredients on the package if sugar is one of the first on the list then it is the main ingredient.
  • Avoid food with trans-fats at all costs!
  • Although nutrition is a complex science, the basic facts are simple; in order to remain healthy, you should eat a varied diet with the majority of your calories coming from proteins, carbohydrates and good fat sources.
  • Nutrition is also vital when it comes to losing body fat and getting in shape. One common myth is that fat makes you fat. A point to note is that it may quite possibly be the over consumption of carbohydrates which is energy.
  •  Pinnacle Performance & Training supports the beliefs of The Natural Food Finder and Nutritions-Playground.
  • The Natural Food Finder is a free resource for seeking the very best produce available in today’s market. It is designed to introduce individuals directly to existing suppliers of naturally healthy, nutrient dense foods across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its founder and creator hopes that this proves to be an invaluable tool for you in purchasing the very best that nature has to offer.