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Getting fit is serious business and you need the best equipment and the best coaches to help you achieve your goals, The Atlas gym is an industry leading facility which provides the ultimate environment for you to excel.

Many of our existing clients tell us that they hated traditional commercial gyms. They hated being treated as a number rather than a human being. They got frustrated waiting for equipment. At the Atlas Gym in Park Gate, Fareham, our capped membership ensures each and every member gets individual attention and easy access to the equipment.

Our mission is to provide an elite, industry-leading health & fitness, strength & conditioning coaching and consultancy service.

Sports Science is a relatively young discipline that is continually developing. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our specialist areas through continuing education.  This allows us to deliver a personalised and measurable service using the latest developments in health, fitness and nutrition.

It is important that our members know what options are available to them so here is a quick reminder. We are able to provide 3 main training options to our members.

Member Options

  • Induction / Basic Training Template
  • This applies to current members as well as new members, if you feel that you are not making the most of the facilities then we encourage you to book in. Granted most people have had an induction before, but bad habits can creep in over time and if you have not had yourself corrected overtime they are often difficult habits to get rid.

    As coaches we have spent many years learning how to refine exercise technique to make them as effective as they should be rather than simply going through the motions, after all why would you not train in a way that gets the most of you and your facilities?

    Our basic 4 week templates are orientated towards various goals

    -Hypertrophy / Fat Loss

    On paper they may not look much, but with anything in life you get what you put in. This process will also help you understand basic training parameters such as;

    -Progressions and regressions of exercises

    These are all factors that are often neglected in terms or why and when to change them, so learning from day 1 is the best possible approach. This option is inclusive of your gym membership.

  • 12 Week Individualised Training Programme
  • Some of you may have already seen this in a previous post, we have had great success with those who have taken up this option in recent months. Signing up to this option includes all of the service features listed below except semi-private training sessions. This is great for those who feel they can benefit from additional guidance with their training but are unsure if Personal Training is the right option for them.
  • Semi-Private Personal Training
  • Pinnacle Performance offers a Premium Semi-Private Personal Training Service. This is limited to 1-2 clients per hour, this should not be confused with group training, as every aspect of your training experience is tailored towards you. Our service includes;

    -Initial Consultation
    -Pre-programme physical assessment
    -Bespoke nutritional and lifestyle recommendations
    -Online booking system and app to manage sessions and track progress
    -Weekly consultations to stay on track
    -1 to 1 or 1 to 2 (coach to member) semi-private supervised sessions
    -Individualised, progressive training programme
    -During / after programme physical assessments to measure progress

Opening Hours (From 18th April)

  • Monday to Friday, 06:30 to 21:30
  • Saturday to Sunday, 08:00 to 16:00

Our address: 89 Southampton Rd, Park Gate, SO31 6AF.

Email us using the form below or call 01489 578833.

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